Church Planting among the Nahuatl


The Nahuatl (pronounced NA-watt) are a large people group that number around 1.5 million people. The descendants of the ancient Aztecs, the Nahuatl live as far north as Durango state and as far south as the country of El Salvador.

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There are around 30 dialects of the Nahuatl language still spoken today, some of which are mutually unintelligible. Our team currently works among one of the northernmost dialects.


One fun part about the Nahuatl language is the fact that many words in Spanish, and even English, are derived from Nahuatl. Words like chocolate, avocado, tomato, coyote, and chili all have their origins in Nahuatl.

Some Nahuatl check out the vegetable seeds with Liesl

Some Nahuatl check out the vegetable seeds with Liesl

The Nahuatl here are friendly people. They have a natural warmth about them, and are quick to invite you to take a seat and visit with them. They freely share whatever they have, be it recently picked guavas and mangoes or drying venison, and we try to do the same, though sometimes our food isn’t quite what their used to.

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We truly enjoy living among the Nahuatl and are blessed to call many of them our friends. We hope you gain a glimpse of what they’re like from the stories and pictures on this blog.

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