Church Planting among the Nahuatl

Partner With Us!

As you read and follow our blog you will see one pattern – we are passionate to know the Lord and to take His Word of truth to those who have never had the opportunity to hear it, and we believe He has led us to work among the Nahuatl people of Mexico.

We have taken the initial plunge, trusting and learning to trust God all along the way. We are grateful to the Lord for the team He has placed behind us to hold the ropes in prayer, support us financially, and encourage us in every way imaginable – all so that the Nahuatl would be able to hear the Gospel in their own language.

Two Nahuatl men looking over the canyon.


If you’d like to be part of what we’re doing to reach the Nahuatl with the gospel, and there are three main ways you can do that.


To receive our monthly newsletters or become a part of our core prayer group, fill out this contact form and let us know:


Thank you for considering partnering with us financially.

Are you interested in helping us with some larger one time needs?

Sometimes things come up that are outside our normal budget. A new business laptop after one breaks. Routine maintenance on our “tribal vehicle,” our truck that hauls us and all our supplies over 45 miles of crazy off-road terrain. Repairs or work on our solar-powered home, which even after two years, still needs paint amongst other things.

Ministry projects also come up. Our Nahuatl literacy program requires the printing of materials like primers and storybooks, and the Bible teaching will require the printing of  lessons and Bible portions, too. You can be a part of that.

We believe we serve a big God and He can meet these needs even if at times it may seem impossible. We would be grateful if you would pray and ask God if He would have you be a part of meeting any of these needs.

Thank you!


Receiving emails, letters, cards is such a spirit-lifter for us. When we hear from you and know in a tangible way that you are praying for us and for the hearts of the Nahuatl people it encourages us greatly!

Thank so much for the ways you already encourage us, and keep on encouraging! Also, send us your prayer requests and family updates as well so we know how to best pray for you. When you live in an isolated location, there’s nothing like news from back home.


Thanks for considering how you can be a part of our ministry among the Nahuatl!

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