Church Planting among the Nahuatl


Our team, out in the city

Our team, out in the city

The task of church planting among the least-reached is huge, but a great team helps make it possible. But your team is more than just your coworkers. Over time, they become your friends, family, church, those you confide in and have fun with, those you work side by side with through the good and bad. Our co-workers are awesome people. Meet the Las Moras team!

Rachel with her buddy Raquel

Rachel with her buddy Raquel

Rachel Chapman –  One of the single girls on the team who has family in Texas, Canada, and across the ocean, as her parents are missionaries, too. Rachel likes running, cooking healthy food and new recipes, and chatting with friends and family. Here’s a bit of Rachel’s testimony:

“When I was in the 5th grade, at a mission conference at my local church, the Lord burdened me with the need for missionaries to tell His Gospel to unreached people groups.  Then, when I graduated from high school, I decided to go to New Tribes Bible Institute and began training to be a missionary knowing that was the path on which the Lord was leading me.

“The longer I’ve been in this “business” the more it becomes less about what I am going to do for the Lord and more about what He has for me to do.  It has become less about where I want to go and more about blooming where He plants me.  This journey has definitely not been what I expected, but it has been good, because God is good, and He has led me every step of the way.”

Rachel is working on the Nahuatl Bible translation here in Las Moras, and as such serves as our team translator.

Tater buying a chicken

Tater buying a chicken

Katie Moore

The other single girl on our team, better known by her childhood nickname “Tater.” Katie grew up speaking Spanish as her family served as missionaries in a South American country. She likes reading, playing word games like Scrabble or Boggle, and of course teaching – she is a teacher, after all.

Tater originally joined the team in Las Moras in order to teach the five kids that were on the team at the time. But things changed – our team went from five kids, to one kid, to no kids – and despite her original plans to be a teacher, Tater dug in and started learning language with the rest of us. Her hard work helped her complete language study within just a couple years, and now she’s in a role where she’ll get to use her gifts as a teacher again – Tater is has seamlessly transitioned into a role teaching as a literacy teacher, teaching the Nahuatl people how to read and write their language.

P1060349 copy

The Elkins –

Tom and Teresa Elkins are the veterans on the team. Though they don’t actually live with us in Las Moras, their 15-plus years living in a nearby Nahuatl village was essential in opening the door for our team to move into Las Moras. Our team is also lucky to benefit from Tom and Teresa’s experience and wisdom – Tom grew up as a missionary kid in the Philippines, and they both served on a Navajo reservation in Arizona for almost ten years and before moving to Mexico.

Tom and Teresa help with community development projects like our ongoing dental clinics, with our visas and other government paperwork, and also save us lots of time and money by picking up supplies on the coast and bringing them out to Las Moras. Not only that, but they let us stay with them when we have to go down to the city, too. Pretty great people!

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