Church Planting among the Nahuatl

About Us


Was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and grew up in Waukesha. After graduating from high school, Pete attended the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse, and graduated in three years with an English degree.  After graduating, Pete took an internship with InterVarsity Press outside of Chicago, Illinois. It was during this time away from friends and family that the Lord began to work on Pete’s heart and challenge his perception of his purpose in life, and what God’s purpose for him might be. God used a number of circumstances, including friends, some time in Malawi, and 2 Corinthians 5:14-15, to lead Pete to attend Bible school and begin to pursue reaching the least-reached with the Gospel.


Was born in Neenah, Wisconsin, and moved to Montello when she was just two months old with her family. They later moved to Baraboo, WI, when she was 13. Liesl was homeschooled by her parents, along with her two brothers, until she graduated high school. After high school Liesl did not feel her life goals leading her towards college or a particular career, so she went to work at the Institute in Basic Life Principles headquarters in Oak Brook, IL. While she was there she was given the opportunity to serve overseas in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mexico. She was also challenged by her boss John Stephens’ love for the Word of God and began to desire a Bible education. That led Liesl to attend New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI. It was there she was completely challenged by the Lord to a life of overseas missions work. In her junior semester at bible college she met Pete.

KESTER – Our first child was born in 2014. Kester is still a young boy who has filled our lives with joy, fun, responsibility, and life. We feel beyond blessed to call him our own.

Kester makes three!

Kester makes three!

PETE & LIESL– We met in the Caribou Coffee shop that used to be in Brookfield, WI. Liesl was not interested in dating anyone at that particular time, but Pete, encouraged by friends of both of ours, would not cease trying to contact and spend time with Liesl. After trying to obtain Liesl’s phone number, and failing miserably, Pete decided to write a letter to her instead. So, in December of 2004, after receiving a hilarious, and long, letter from Pete, Liesl decided to give him a call. We began to develop a friendship without any intentions, at least on my (Liesl’s) part. A few month laters, after much prayer and discussion about our future life goals, we began dating, and after dating for nine months, we were engaged.  A year later, we were married in Baraboo, WI, in 2006. We spent two years in missionary training in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and moved to Mexico in early 2010 to begin serving as church planters with New Tribes Mission there.

After a year and a half learning Spanish in the city, we moved to Las Moras in late 2011 to begin life among the Nahuatl people. Then, after a few months building our home, we began studying Nahuatl language and culture. Learning a Uto-Aztecan language isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with the help of a number of our Nahuatl neighbors who have become friends, we tested out of full-time language study. We still have much to learn, but have been cleared to begin preparing Bible lessons and literacy lessons in concert with our partners, with the goal of teaching the Nahuatl the truth of the hope we have in Christ sometime in the next year.

It’s an exciting time to be in Las Moras, and we’re looking forward to seeing what God does here. If you’d like to keep up to date with our life here or receive our monthly newsletters, please keep tabs on the blog or use the contact form below.

Thanks for stopping by and for your interest in the work of reaching the Nahuatl!


One thought on “About Us

  1. I met Liesl in the Madison Wisconsin air port while waiting to pick up a friend’s dad. She gave me a Watchman Nee book Christ the sum of all things spiritual. I recently tried e-mailing the two of you and got a bounce back message. You should email me 😀 thanks for the book it really has helped me like you can’t believe. I’m only on page twelve (I spent about ten or more days on page ten) it’s such a blessing I’m so thankful for it. That book is probably the best gift a person has ever given me. As I said I’m only on page 12 but I’ve already ordered 2 more copies to give away. Thanks – Anthony

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