Church Planting among the Nahuatl

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An October on the Go

The month of October has been a BUSY one for the Hypki house.

We wrapped up a  3 1/2 month stint of pure language study and relationship building with the Nahuatl and dove head first into hosting guests and traveling.


On October 8th we hosted an airplane mechanic and his family who were interested in seeing a tribal location in Mexico. It was fun to get to know them a little better, and show them where we live. Mike and Kelly, we hope you come back soon!

Later that same afternoon Pete’s family was flown in to Las Moras on the mission plane and began a 3 day stay with us in our home. We were able to have some fun family time, including an early Christmas breakfast, pizza for Pete’s birthday, and show them the village and introduce them to our Nahuatl friends and neighbors.

Reina weaving



Alissa and Mary helped me in the kitchen washing dishes, and Mary even got the opportunity to clean some of the tribal ladies’ jewelry..for which they were very grateful.

Alissa washing dishes

Mary cleans

Several Nahuatl families came to our house during the Hypki’s visit just so they could meet them and “see what they looked like.” This is very common reaction that the Nahuatl have when foreigners are visiting.

We also taught they Hypkis’ how to roast local coffee that we had been given by another missionary friend, and they left with a couple bags of freshly roasted beans!

Mary roasting

After our time together in the mountains we all came down to the coast for a week break on the beach!

Pete & Alisa


A huge thanks to some wonderful friends who gave up their time share for us so we could enjoy a luxurious week in the sun.

We ate entirely too much seafood, explored the city, found new shops in which to sell the Nahuatl handicrafts, and relaxed a little bit too.

Beautiful maz






Pete and I were so grateful for this week. As much as we love rainy season and our concentrated time with the Nahuatl people sometimes we feel like our heads are about to explode with all the language and new culture we are learning and it helps to have a break once and awhile to digest everything. 🙂

Thank you, John and Sandy, for the week on the beach, and to Pete’s family for treating us to yummy food…it was what we needed.

Us 2

All that to say, as you read this we are heading home, into the mountains  with our co-workers Katie and Rachel. When we arrive home we have two days to clean house, and prepare for our next round of guests and language evaluations.

Our language consultants will be arriving on Thursday and will be with us to do language evaluations, and provide encouragement and advice as we discuss how things are going with the church planting efforts in Las Moras. We would appreciate your prayers for our evaluations as they are stressful, and we would all like to accurately represent what we have studied and learned over the last several months.

We know  you are all praying for us, and for the Nahuatl and for that we are so very grateful. Thank you all so much for being apart of the ministry, we couldn’t be out here without your love and support. If you get a chance please check out our prayer page for updated requests. We covet your prayers!

All for His glory ~

Pete & Liesl