Church Planting among the Nahuatl

New Traditions and A New Year

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Happy New Year from Las Moras!

The year of 2012 flew by so quickly for us, as I’m sure it also did for many of you. This last year brought many new experiences and life changes for us as we settled into our home and ministry here in Las Moras. We have seen God do many things in our lives, in our team, through our church families back home, and in drawing the Nahuatl people to Himself. Many of the highlights are included in our past blog posts. If you have a few minutes to rejoice with us, read these and see what God has done. 





This holiday season we were blessed with the gift of having Liesl’s family with us for the Christmas and New Years holidays. Not only was it refreshing and relaxing to spend the holiday with family, but also meaningful and special to us that they wanted to come and spent their holiday in Mexico and traveling to Las Moras with us to experience our lives here. 

We both prayed that Liesl’s parents would have a meaningful experience here in Las Moras and really see what our daily life and ministry is like. It is one thing to write newsletters and blog posts that show pictures and explain why we are living out here and learning the Nahuatl language, and a completely different thing to experience life here personally. We prayed for new adventures, and memories and God was faithful in all that we asked. We’ll take you through a short picture tour of their trip, but if you know Mike and Alice Muscanero we encourage you to ask them about their trip and what they saw and did, and how God molded their perspective of the Nahuatl people and their need for hope in Christ. 


Upon their arrival, we welcomed them to the beach for a few days of relaxation before the supply buying and travel up the mountains to Las Moras began.


Adventures at the market on the coast.


Dinner out for Christmas. The next day we would get in the truck for our 7 hour drive up the mountains to Las Moras.


Mike and Alice experienced the drive of 5 hours off road to Las Moras.

All of us arrived in Las Moras on a Wednesday, and on Thursday many of our Nahuatl friends came to visit and to meet Liesl’s Mom and Dad. In fact, people were coming to the house from about 9am until 5pm. It was a busy day.


This is the lady who does our laundry, Leucadia. She is here visiting with her son and grandson.

Alice and Liesl made sugar cookies to decorate with some of the Nahuatl children one day. They loved it!


Preparing the cookies for the kids.


It was precious. We had to help them spread the frosting as they aren’t used to using knives quite like this.


Alice helping the kids decorate.


Enjoying the sugar cookies.

Pete and Mike were able to work on many home projects that Pete had not had time to finish. They set up our hot water heater for once our well is dug (this month!) put in faucets and shower heads, and staked and planted a few more fruit trees among other things.


Mike and Pete even took a trip to haul water for us. We are looking forward to our well drilling in a few weeks!


Pete chalk draws with some of the kids on the patio while Alice and Liesl visit with the children’s Mothers inside.

One day, Liesl took Alice visiting to a few of the Nahuatl homes. The women seemed honored that she would come to their home. Liesl did her best to translate for Alice and the Nahuatl women as they met and chatted a bit.


Ready to go visiting with our Nahuatl tribal bags.


We visited my friend Benita and her girls.


The kids were all smiles.


We also went to visit Emelia, and two of her daughters. They live on the other side of the village and loved meeting Alice.

On News Years Eve day the weather changed. The clouds rolled in, it began to rain, and got very cold. Since our house runs on solar power, and there was no sun, we spent New Years Eve playing games and snacking by candlelight. New memories for sure!


New Years Eve games before it got dark and we brought out the candles.


With the rainy weather we even got a little time to relax and read.


Once the rain stopped more visitors came. We visited while packing up to take Mike and Alice back down to the coast to fly home.

It was two weeks of many new and fun memories with our family. God sure blessed us this Christmas! 

On January 3rd we picked up our co-workers, Rachel and Katie, and headed back up to Las Moras. We are all getting settled back into daily life and language study after spending the holidays with family. Thank you for your prayers for us, the team, and our Nahuatl friends. Next week Tom and Teresa Elkins and the well drilling team will be joining us here in Las Moras. We are so excited to finally have clean water! Please pray that all goes well with the arrival of the well drilling team, and that we would have the supplies and materials needed to complete the project in good time.


Happy 2013 from the Hypkis!

We believe that God has some amazing plans for this year, and can’t wait to let Him mold us and use us in the ways that He choses to bring the Nahuatl people to Himself. Would you please pray that all we do would be for His glory.

We appreciate you all, and your faithful support, love, and prayers, we aren’t here without all of you.


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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