Church Planting among the Nahuatl

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Unless the Lord builds the house…

Lately I have been getting requests for pictures and an update on our tribal home.

At first I was quite hesitant to write a post on our house. I think I felt embarrassed, or self-conscious, or frankly… like we should have less of a home. Why? Because we are missionaries, and aren’t missionaries always supposed to have less?

Pete and I have friends who serve as missionaries in the South Pacific and recently they made a trip into one of the unreached tribal areas there to help a family who has been living out in the tribe build a more functional house. This family of six has been living in a “temporary” tribal home doing ministry for 6 years. This “temporary” home is around 200-300 square feet.  Reading this humbled me. A family of six living in a room smaller than the main area of our tribal home, doing ministry, learning language, teaching…wow.

Also, our Nahuatl friend’s homes are much more primitive than the most primitive summer cabin would be in the United States. Of course, this is what they are used to, but when they come to our home they wonder why we have six chairs and three bar stools when we are only two people. That’s enough to humble you, and there is not a  good way to rationalize it to make it seem normal.

My friend Agustina’s kitchen, in her one room house.

However, the more I think about our house, the more I begin to relive exactly what God has done for us through our tribal home. We were blessed to begin with because the home had already been constructed here in the Las Moras. God provided the money quickly for us to be able to purchase the home, and He put together three work teams of willing servants to come and make our house useful for ministry in a matter of just 7 or 8 months. We indeed have been blessed. I love having our house as a reminder of all the things God has done for us already, and it makes me excited to think of the things that He will do in drawing the Nahuatl people to himself as we build relationships with them and learn their language.

So, I bring to you a glimpse of our tribal home, in all it’s tribal glory, and Pete and I would say that our desire for this home is that it bring glory to the One who gave it to us. It is His home that we hope to use to show His love to the Nahuatl people in whatever way He asks us too.

Our dining room. Needs a little decorating, but serves it’s purpose well for having language sessions, and eating meals.

It’s nice having a separate dining area from our living area. I can have a language session in the other room during the middle of the day and Pete doesn’t have to wait until 3pm to eat lunch. 🙂

View of the kitchen from our dining room.

Our kitchen is a great size for cooking for work groups which makes having 3 of 4 of us gals comfortably working in the kitchen without bumping into each other. My Mom would say, it’s a great size for having lots of little children running around your feet while you are cooking…maybe someday Mom, maybe someday.

A side view of our corner cabinets and cooking area.

The breakfast bar area…or at least I think that’s what it’s called. It’s really nice for putting out a buffet of food for work teams, or having a place for the Nahuatl kids to color pictures.

There are two little Nahuatl girls that come to the house on Saturdays to clean. They like to earn a little money, and it’s nice for me to be able to work on other things, and practice language with them. They sweep, mop, dust, clean the furniture and windows, sweep the porch, shake out the floor mats, those kind of things. When they finish we always have a cup of hot chocolate together at the bar and they color pictures.

View from behind the bar.

I, (Liesl) absolutely love our bar stools. I study language at the bar everyday. And I can look out the windows around the entire downstairs of the house and keep tabs on what’s happening around the village.

Walking into the living room area from the kitchen.

Full view of the living room.

We got both of our couches covered with a vinyl furniture covering which makes them a lot easier to clean. And when tribal babies, who don’t wear diapers pee on the couch it doesn’t have a chance to soak in and smell.

View from the stair landing.

We do not normally have a generator sitting by our front door, but Pete was using some power tools that day, and had brought the generator just inside the door to protect it from coming rain.

The hallway which leads to the pantry, Pete’s office, the downstairs bathroom, and our co-workers, the Elkins, apartment room.

Downstairs bathroom. It was hard to get a good picture.

It was difficult to get a good picture of the bathroom because it’s small and I could not get a good angle. Speaking from experience, you would be amazed how much nicer it is to take a bucket shower, in a nicely decorated bathroom…makes it feel like a tribal spa…kind of. 🙂

Our fancy curved shower rod suspended from the ceiling in such a creative manner. 🙂

Pete hung that shower rod, looks nice doesn’t it?

Our pantry, we love it! Thank you Nate and David.

Our work team that came in May worked very quickly on the projects we had laid out for them and were able to design and put up the storage in our pantry. It has been so helpful to have an organized pantry and we really like it.

Our co-workers, Tom and Teresa will be using this room to stay in when they are out in Las Moras. Right now we have all our supplies and tools in there.

Disclaimer: Tom and Teresa, your room will not look like this next time you come. 🙂

The view out our front door. Yes, Radley is almost always part of the view. And now we have a nice covered porch which is nice during the rains and super sunny parts of the day.

I have not taken pictures of the upstairs rooms of the house yet. Mostly because I didn’t have time, and it wasn’t real clean.  I can’t have my Mom seeing my bedroom being dirty. This will have to come later. However, God has blessed us with a nice master bedroom, two guest rooms and a second bathroom upstairs to host groups, or as my parents say, to have a lot of kids. 🙂

To end this post we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has come out, or supported and organized the efforts to send out work teams. We have been more than amazed and humbled at what God has done. The fellowship with you all was  wonderful and we know each of you made personal sacrifices to be here, and for that we are so grateful. We are trusting that God has incredible plans for His house that He has given us here in Las Moras.