Church Planting among the Nahuatl

What love


Have you ever taken a vacation, and then arrived back at home and felt exhausted, spent, almost like you needed another vacation? That is often how we feel when we leave our home here in Las Moras.

These past few months have been filled with life, language learning, a trip to renew our VISAs and vehicle papers to be in Mexico another year, a dental clinic, and another work team to complete projects on our house.

During the dental clinic we were able to help over 100 people with everything from teeth cleanings to root canals and tooth extractions. Many people were relieved of pain that they had been experiencing for a very long time, and we were able to encourage them in a tangible and physical way.


Pete assisting the dentist, Paul, during our week long dental clinic in April.

Two short weeks ago another work team from our church in Wisconsin came to help with projects on our house. They were able to complete numerous projects in just 4.5 short days, and Pete and I were blown away and extremely blessed. We now have a roof over our porch, screens in all of our windows, pantry shelves and storage, most of our upstairs is dry walled and insulated keeping it much cooler, and we have a gorgeous bookshelf built right into the eaves of our bedroom. We were honored to have Paul, Dave, Nathan, and Roger come and share in the ministry to the Nahuatl and pray that one day we will be able to share with the Nahuatl about why they came to help us, because we are all the body of Christ.


David and Paul putting up some drywall in one of the upstairs bedrooms.


Nathan preparing the area to frame in our bedroom door.


Roger working on our front door.


David helping our neighbor, Felicita, by putting new hinges on her tortilla press. She was so excited!


Building the bookshelf into the storage eaves of our bedroom wall.

Each of these trips always includes a bit of down time for us in the city as we return those that have come to the airport. A time to refocus, and relax…yet, my experience was that I did not truly feel relaxed, or focused until I was back in my home in Las Moras, chatting face to face with my Nahuatl friends, and being reminded of their intense lost-ness. Listening to them rattle on about happenings in the community and their own personal confusion as to whether or not God is going to punish people for the things that they have chosen to do or not do. Watching their tired eyes as they strive to be good people, working to be  contributors to a “good” community, and listening to them share their thoughts about how God will want them if they just live a good life and do the right things.


Some of Liesl’s Nahuatl friends. Hermelinda, her sister Lina, her sister-in-law Julia along with Julia’s little boys.


Pete took a couple guys out to fix a broken truck one afternoon.


Liesl helping to mix mud to put on the outside of our house. A concrete layer will follow to protect the bricks from the rains.

Why did I feel relaxed and focused being back in that type of environment you are probably wondering? Because I know, that God deeply loves each one of the Nahuatl people. Because of His love for them He brought us, our team, here to Las Moras to learn Nahuatl and live out Christ’s love for them through the way that we love one another. Also, He has given us a deep love for them, a love that is very hard to explain. A love that makes scraping off an inch of dirt from a little girls toenail not a big deal just so I can paint it bright pin. A love that says we still have energy when someone comes to the house at 8pm to talk. A love that makes you squeeze your friend’s hand as the dentist is working on her teeth because she is scared out of her mind. This love only comes from Him, and we pray each day that we are able to say,”God whatever it is you want for me today, that’s what we want.”

Because of that love, our team has been extremely busy learning the Nahuatl language. We often put in over 40 hours per week of study, structured language sessions with a helper, exposure and visiting time of listening and practicing new phrases that we have learned in a natural setting, and many hours of visiting in our homes and their’s building relationships. All of this for one goal, so that they will know Him, the one true God.


Our co-worker Katie, grinding corn at our friend Andrea’s house. We were visiting to talk with her about a ritual they have to summon and talk with dead ancestors.


Some children playing in our yard while their Mom’s helped Liesl mud the outside of our house.


Liesl learning some Nahuatl with one of her language helpers, Julia.

Please continue praying for our team out here in Las Moras. Pray God would give us aptitude and ability to learn quickly and efficiently how to speak Nahuatl and about the culture of the Nahuatl people.


Attending a festival in a nearby town.

These next few months, June – September is the rainy season here in the mountains surrounding Las Moras. We along with our co-workers, Katie and Rachel, will be staying out here during that time without making any trips out for supplies.

In early June we will host our language consultant and he will be testing us briefly on what we have learned so far and consulting and encouraging us on how we can progress in language learning with new ideas and strategies. After his visit it will just be the four of us until late September or whenever the rains stop. We are all looking forward to spending lots of time with the Nahuatl people and progressing in language.

Pray that we would be radiant lights of God’s grace and that the Lord would open the hearts of the Nahuatl and draw them to Himself. Pray our lives would be testimony of what the church should look like and that we would take every opportunity to share truth with the Nahuatl in ways that are relevant to them and their culture. We appreciate you all so much and the part you continually play in reaching the Nahuatl.

In other news:

In the future you can look for shorter posts more frequently! Now that we have internet in Las Moras we plan on keep you up to date on what the Lord is doing out here on a more regular basis. Thanks for taking the time to read our posts and updates, it really means a lot to know we have people praying for us across the world.


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

2 thoughts on “What love

  1. Liesl, beautiful message and I am touched with the great love you have for the Nahuatl people!

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us updated! Love reading your blog. Praying for you guys.

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