Church Planting among the Nahuatl


Lights and Toilets!

This last week was a busy and fun week out in Las Moras. We were able to take some huge strides in completing some large projects in our tribal home all thanks to God’s faithfulness and His bringing of a work team from Walnut Hill Bible Church out to help us.

We picked up 8 hard working guys at the airport and after a quick stop at Burger King to fill their bellies we began the trip to the tribe. Our first stop was a small town at the base of the mountains where we spent the night. We took them for their first carne asada, and had some debriefing time where the team got to know each other better and also got to hear a bit about what they could expect once they arrived in Las Moras.

Unloading all the luggage at The Plaza Hotel.

Enjoying a carne asada dinner together.

We enjoyed a trip to the market to buy some fruit and sweet bread for breakfast before getting on the road to Las Moras.

Debriefing the team and giving a short summary of the cultural expectations along with the work expectations of the trip.

We left town quite early to get on the road. The guys were all excited to get there and begin the work that they had come to do. As we traveled we were all able to share stories about how God had worked in each of our lives and just enjoy some good fellowship. Pete, Tom Elkins, and myself tried our best to point out all the good picture spots and landmarks along the road so that the guys could get some fabulous pictures to take home to their families.

Traveling the mountain road to Las Moras.

There are so many captivating views along the drive. This one is of our homes from about 15 minutes away.

Unpacking the luggage upon arrival in Las Moras.

Upon arrival the guys unloaded the luggage and assessed the projects and materials that we had prepared for them. Then we all headed in to Rachel and Katie’s house for a quick lunch of sandwiches together. Then it was a la chamba! ( to the work!)

A photo of our house before the work crew began their projects.

There were many projects we had planned for this specific work team. Including setting up our solar electric system and wiring the entire house, all the plumbing for the kitchen and bathrooms, putting up some metal siding to protect our house from the rains, drywalling, painting, some framing, and many more little projects. All of the guys had great attitudes as they attacked each project and worked in unity showing the Nahuatl people what the body of Christ looks like in action.

We were receiving visitors almost immediately upon arrival back in Las Moras.

The guys quickly formed work groups, assessed the projects, and began the work.

Chad teaching Pete a bit about our solar system as they installed the panels on the roof.

Tom working hard on wiring our tribal home.

Colin, another of our knowledgeable wiring guys.

Jay, Dan, and Easton were our faithful siding crew. Here Jay and Dan measure and cut specific pieces to put up on the gable ends of our house. This is to protect the wood from the rain.

Easton hanging from the gable ends in his make-shift harness. This is where he spent most of his work week, here and on the roof.

Jay at work sanding our rusty doors and then he went on to paint all of them.

A picture of the main room work site.

The siding crew had to get creative. Setting the ladder on the tailgate of the truck gave Easton an extra few feet.

Chad rocking the solar room!

Mike putting plumbing in for the Elkins apartment.

Harry and Mike working together to plumb our downstairs bathroom, complete with toilet, sink, and shower.

Mike and Harry our plumbing team finished the plumbing throughout the entire house. This is a picture of our window that will be over our kitchen sink and their hard work.

When the plumbing was finished they were eager to help with drywall and whatever other projects that needed to be done.

Tom and Colin under the experienced guidance of Chad worked together to give us electricity in our tribal home.

And there was light! Lots of light!

And toilets!!

Easton and Jay at work insulating the solar room.

Us girls worked all week cooking the meals for the group. Rachel, Katie, and I all rotated days and Teresa was our right hand girl in the kitchen. Here I am grilling hamburgers for our Sunday main meal.

The team worked so hard, often still completing projects as the sun went down. There was also wiring still going on inside the house at night...or so I hear.

The night sky over Las Moras.

Pete invited a few of the Nahuatl guys to participate in some of the work. It was a neat opportunity for our brothers from Walnut Hill to be working alongside possible future brothers in Christ.

Pete supervising a couple of the Nahuatl guys during the work day.

One of our neighbors came to work one day, and in the afternoon his son showed up to work with him. It was too cute!

The guys worked incredibly hard throughout the week, but we did find some time to have fun as well.

The guys breaking for a mid day snack and water.

Jay taking a little break.

Fellowship after our evening meal. We ate all of our meals in Rachel and Katie's house and thank them for their hospitality.

A black widow spider was found.

The team also decided they needed to visit the bathing hole in the creek at least once. And as promised the water was like ice!

The guys were given the opportunity to help the Nahuatl community by purchasing some of their handmade crafts to take home to family and friends.

One afternoon after lunch we all took a brief walk to the edge of the canyon. The views are spectacular, and it gave the guys a chance to get to know the village as well.

Hiking out to the canyon edge.

And this is what they saw at the edge.

Mid way through the week we realized that we did not have enough wire to finish the electrical job that needed to be completed. So, Tom Davidson volunteered to go with our partner Tom Elkins back down to the coast in a marathon trip to pick up more supplies. We were so grateful for their willingness, and because of the extra trip, Chad, Tom, and Colin were able to finish all the electrical and check each outlet and switch before leaving.

Greeting Tom and Tom back from Home Depot with more supplies.

They were also able to interact with many of our Nahuatl friends as Rachel, Katie, and myself had many visitors throughout the week. Sometimes there were families visiting while we were eating our mid-day meal and so the guys were able to greet them and learn a bit about them.

One afternoon our friends Norma and Lina came to visit bringing along their sister-in-law and their children.

More Nahuatl ladies on their way to the house for a chat.

One of the highlights of the week, though, were our evening times of sharing. Each member of the team prepared a small devotion that they would then share that evening. It was incredible to be a part of each person’s spiritual growth and God’s work in their lives. The sense of unity on the trip was incredible and we couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated, willing, servant-hearted, and faithful group of guys. We are definitely blessed to call you all partners in the work to reach the Nahuatl with Christ.

The WHBC work group + The Hypkis!

On Sunday we had a church service together on the edge of the canyon. Tom Davidson shared about the men and women of faith in Hebrews 11 and then opened the floor for each of us to share about how our upbringing had challenged and or molded the faith that we have today. It was very encouraging to hear everyone’s stories, and I think we all went away challenged.

On the canyon edge meeting together for His glory.

Sunday morning sunrise.

As the week drew to a close we took the guys on one last tour of the pueblo and visited the  tiendas (small stores) in Las Moras. The families that own them were very excited that we had come, and loved looking at the pictures the guys were taking on their cameras.

Visiting Max at her family's tienda.

Monday morning we packed up and loaded all the bags into the trucks to once again travel the road down from Las Moras to the coast. I know as I reflected on the trip that I was in awe of what God had done. Not only in what the guys had accomplished working on our house, but what God had accomplished in each heart and life.

Loading the bags for the trip back down the mountain.

On the road again.

As we arrived at our coastal destination we spent some time all relaxing together out by the ocean reflecting on God’s creation and then enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner together.

Relaxing with the team by the ocean.

All of us out for seafood at Pancho's celebrating all the Lord taught us and reflecting on His faithfulness throughout the trip.

So grateful God brought half of my family along for the trip.

To all of you who came on the trip, Chad, Tom, Colin, Easton, Dan, Mike, Jay, and Harry we are so grateful to all of you for sacrificing of your time, energy, money, lifestyle, and time with your family to be obedient to the Lord in coming to Las Moras to help us with our home. We enjoyed getting to know all of you better, and can’t wait for the next time you come. We hope you were challenged by the Lord on this trip and that He showed you Himself in a real way that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for all you did and for who you were; the body of Christ in action.

We also wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who were praying hard for this trip and praying for those who came. It could not have happened without you, and as He said He would be, God was incredibly faithful.

Until next time, please keep praying for the Nahuatl and for our language learning. We need his wisdom and guidance as we balance our time working on the remaining house projects, living, building relationships, and learning language. Pray that God would be continually preparing them to hear His message of hope and grace.