Church Planting among the Nahuatl

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Una Semana en la Sierra

Sorry to keep you all waiting…but here’s a photo review of our trip out to the mountains in early February.  We hope you enjoy it!

Following our friends out to the mountains...

Some of the tamer roads...

The trip out to the village we were visiting in the mountains ook about 10 hours.  That 10 hours was divided in thirds – good pavement, rough pavement, and off-road.

Stopping for lunch, but the wind was so strong we ended up eating in the cars

Moving pieces of a fallen tree out of the road so we could pass

At one point we had to clear a fallen pine off the road.  The high winds had taken it town, but luckily, because of the angle at which it fell, we just had to move some of the pieces of tree off the road to get through.

The small village we visited in the mountains

We arrived in the mountains about 10 hours after leaving that morning.  It was a long, tiring drive, but we received a friendly greeting from some of the members of the church in town.  Nothing like chile colorado and fresh tortillas after a long day!

In town

The road out to the missionaries homes

The two homes in the mountains

Scenery on a hike to a canyon behind the property

Us on a ridge out in the mountains

It was cold at the bottom of the canyon all the water was frozen solid

More fun photography in the canyon

Our friend talks with some Tepehuan men

Attending the church in town on Sunday

Singing "Jesus Loves Me" in Tepehuan with the believers in attendance

Tepehuan family outside of the church building

We were treated to lunch at one of the believer's restaurants. It was delicious!

Tepehuan families that had come for a visit to the missionary's home

A Tepehuan woman fills tanks with water to take back to her house in a wheelbarrow

One woman brought her 1 month old baby to visit. I had to bounce her to keep her from crying.

The apartment and office on the property

Tepehuan man on the porch

We brought about 20 trash bags of used clothes to give away to the Tepehuan families

We put all of the clothes in front of a school building and they could pick through for the items their families needed

One of the families came to visit with some of the new clothes they had gotten

We also helped with some projects, like burning grass around the homes

Leveling out the road to the houses where part of it had been washed away in rainy season.

A pretty view of the river as we passed through a canyon on our drive home

Little family picture, minus Quito. We enjoyed the visit, and seeing God working in such a remote place. We continue to pray hard about our future ministry...it could be here!