Church Planting among the Nahuatl

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New Experiences

These past two weeks have been very busy. We have gotten back into a regular schedule with our Spanish learning sessions, culture and grammar classes, church, visiting the orphanage, and mission activities. To add to our weekly schedule, Pete went on a survey last weekend. This trip was taken with four other missionaries to see a location that is a possibility for our future tribal ministry.

Also, this coming Wednesday both of us will be traveling with two other missionary couples, and a single guy to another tribal location. This time we are staying for a week. The location we will be visiting is also a possibility for our future tribal ministry and is a much older work than the other location Pete visited. This visit will be to a tribe where missionaries have worked off and on for 30 years, but still today there are only about 25 believers and no church planted. The believers are babes in Christ and need much discipleship and nurturing. They need missionaries living among them, living out faith in Christ and challenging them to do the same. The following are a few teaser pictures…and when we get back on the 9th of February we will do a post updating you on both trips.

Our truck out in the mountains

All these thought about the future are very exciting and when we think about spending many of our future years in one of these places we feel so privileged to be apart of God’s work.  I know Pete and I would both appreciate your prayers as we take this next trip.

Please pray for:

  • Safety in travel- the drive is about 10 hours on dangerous mountain roads
  • Wisdom and grace as we live a week in the same house with the two other missionary couples
  • That we would not be fearful to communicate with the tribal people in Spanish (all of them speak the tribal language, but know bits and pieces of Spanish as well)
  • Open hearts and minds to what the Lord would have for us through this visit
  • That deep relationships would begin to be formed with the other couples on the trip (as these are possible future partners for us)
  • That both of us would be sensitive to what the Lord has for us as we are praying right now very seriously about the location where we will work after our time of Spanish study.
  • Also pray for health. Liesl has been struggling with a sore throat and cough for the last two days and would like to feel back to normal for the trip on Wednesday.

Thank you all so much for your support and love. We covet your prayers greatly and can’t wait to share with you all what the Lord has taught us from both trips.


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The Recent Hypki Happenings

First of all, we want to thank you all for your Christmas and New Years greetings by way of cards, emails, and gifts. We truly felt loved and remembered by all of you during our first holiday season away from home.

In reality it was hard to even remember that it was Christmas as it just doesn’t seem the same here in Mexico. There is no snow, it’s not that cold, and the Christmas decorations and traditions are different. Plus, we were so busy with travel and other things during this time we didn’t have much time to even breathe, it was definitely a Christmas to remember. However, even though we were busy we both had time to reflect on how our lives have changed in the past 10 months. Being just 4.5 hours across the U.S. border doesn’t seem like it would be that different, but we have seen our lives, perspectives, priorities, faith, and walks with God change. In order to become as much a part of the Mexican culture as we are able,  we have had to make sacrifices; some of them trivial and some much more difficult. But, in all of it I think we both can see that we have seen each other change…in a positive way. We know this has nothing to do with anything that we have done, but is only because of how the Lord has lead us and challenged us in this new life of ministry here in Mexico. I think both Pete and I would agree that we have learned more about what we “don’t need” to live lives truly full in Christ. We have learned so much from the humble lives of the Mexican believers in our church and can only pray that we continue to grow in the spiritual life that truly satisfies.

Also, we wanted to take the time to update you with some pictures of our holidays, recent life happenings, and plans for the next couple months, hope you enjoy them!

Over Christmas, my (Liesl) brother, Jeremy and his family came for a visit. It was a very relaxing time of catching up along with showing them a bit of Mexico and some of the parts of the city that we enjoy the most.

Nephew Pax, playing at the Deportiva

All of us swinging

Pax's favorite, the slide

We celebrated the sister-in-laws birthday with a traditional Mexican pinata

At the Pancho Villa museum

Saying good bye at the Phoenix airport

It was so fun seeing them again! We miss you guys so much!

Since we had to take our brother and sis to the airport in Phoenix we did a little shopping for a few things we needed to move into our new house here in Chihuahua! (more about that later) But, it was also New Years Eve, so we looked up two of my (Liesl) old High School friends and met them out for dinner. We had a great time chatting and meeting each other’s spouses and families. We even stayed the night at one couples’ home and spent New Years Day with them.

On January 3rd, after taking care of some more business in El Paso we arrived back in Chihuahua, and began packing our things to move from our small apartment into a new home on the other side of the city.

We were not planning on moving, but a family in our church needed renters for their home, and offered us good rent, and an opportunity to get to know new neighbors and a new part of the city…plus have more room for our growing puppy, Murphy. We moved four days after arriving back in the city, and are getting settled in.

During the first week in our new home we have met our closest neighbors and even shared dinner with one couple! We have some neat opportunities for new relationships and to share Christ, so please be praying for us as we get to know them. We are still attending the same church here, and will continue the friendships we have made, but are looking forward to what God has for us in the New Year.

As always, thanks so much for your prayers and support! You all mean so much to us and we are so grateful for another year of serving Him together with all of you our friends and family!


Christmas fun with some of our missionary friends

Alot of you have been asking for update pictures of the pets...so here is Murphy!


The living room and part of the front entry way, and stairs

La cocina

Pantry/laundry room

Another view of the entry

Office, work room

Our room

The front of our casa