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Making Yogurt in the Crockpot

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Yes, this was a highlight of my week…my life is pretty exciting don’t you think?

There were other happenings of course, like:

  • Pete discovering that the reason we had cold showers might have been because he adjusted the temperature gauge on our hot water tank in the wrong direction. (We have hot water now) 🙂
  • Pete’s time installing a new tanque de gas to ensure that our hot water supply is well fueled into the winter.

  • Taking one of our Mexican friends to the eye doctor to get him the glasses he’s needed for a long time, but could never afford.
  • Pete finding a ridiculously large piece of cow intestine in the HUGE bowl of menudo he was given at the neighborhood market…and getting the privilege of watching him eat it.  Oh, and he got free refills.

  • Making pumpkin spice lattes in our kitchen with our friend Cesar and watching his face light up when he tasted it’s goodness.

  • Feeling our kitten Quito’s warm pee on my lap as we brought him back from the vet, drugged from his “sterilization” surgery…and knowing there was nothing I could do except try not to let it puddle on the truck seat.

  • Learning how to make pozole, a Mexican soup, with my friend Ana
  • Teaching Ana how to make meatloaf and cornbread, and eating with her family and watching them enjoy a different meal.

Pozole - a chicken soup with masa (corn) and served with radishes and shredded lettuce on top

  • Pete turned 27!

Preparing for the "mordida" - the Mexican tradition of smashing the birthday person's face into their cake

  • Being able to help out making coffee drinks at the Cafe 1040 last Saturday night when 160 people showed up for the Christian music and talent night! Pete also built an amazing fire outside the cafe and people enjoyed s’mores while they listened and visited with one another.
  • Digging out my winter sweaters, it’s probably in the 30’s this morning. But I’m not complaining…it should be 75 by this afternoon. And some of you are watching snow fall outside your windows…or so I heard.
  • Feeling like I could actually explain to Ana, in Spanish, what God was teaching me in His Word about the life of Jacob. (I’m reading in Genesis right now) Which in turn sparked a great conversation, with a sister in Christ.
  • Going to the orphanage every Thursday to spend time with the kids. Sometimes we help them with reading, and sometimes we just love them.

  • But realizing I could make homemade jars of delicious probiotic goodness in my crock pot…seriously is a truly amazing discovery and a blessing. Because when you’ve been to Mexico, and you’ve eaten cow intestine at the market, and you can’t refuse the invitation to eat mystery meat tacos, and your system is warning you that you’re not quite accustomed to the comida Mexicana, but you want to be because eating together is part of relationships here, well, probiotics are a slice of heaven.

Since many of you are asking, I decided to post the Making Yogurt in the Crockpot technique for any of you that would like to try it. It’s pretty easy, and I’d like to thank my friends Clare and Christy Sharp for helping me troubleshoot the process after my first failed attempt. Plus, this yogurt is so much more delicious than what you buy in the store, I promise.

Yogurt in the Crockpot

2 quarts of milk – (I used 2%, whole milk makes a richer creamier yogurt, just depends on your preference)

1/2 plain store bought yogurt

1 cup skim dried milk powder (optional)

1. Place 2 quarts of milk  in a crockpot on low for 2 ½ hours. (The temp needs to reach 185. If you have a thermometer use it, it made the difference between my yogurt fail and yogurt success.  If the milk is not at 185 after 2 1/2 hours, check it every 10-15 minutes.)

*If you want you can whisk in 1 cup of dried skim milk powder when you first put it in the crockpot. Supposedly it makes the yogurt a little thicker at the end, I used it and was pleased with the yogurt at the end.

2. After the milk reaches 185 degrees, shut off the crock pot and leave set for 3 hours. (The temp needs to cool down to 110. Any hotter than that will kill the yogurt cultures. Once again, you may want to check it at 2 – 2 1/2 hours if your house is cooler.)

3. Once it cools to 110, scoop 2 cups of hot milk into a bowl and ½ cup of plain yogurt (from the store) whisk that and then add it into the hot milk in the crock pot.

4.Wrap crockpot in a couple of towels and cover with towels and leave set for approx. 8 hours. (This step is KEY! I use two large bath towels. Also, I found it helpful to set the crock pot on a folded handtowel since my counter is tile and a little cooler temperature.  This will keep it warm enough for the yogurt cultures to grow.)

5. After the 8 hours, you should have yogurt!! Place yogurt in containers and into fridge. Add whatever toppings you desire. It makes great smoothies, is excellent with honey.

If you want a more “Greek” like texture (thicker) strain it through cheesecloth or coffee filter. I put a regular coffee filter in a mesh strainer basket over a bowl in my fridge over night, it is just like Greek yogurt then…but of course you get alot less.


Straining the yogurt to make it more like "Greek" style yogurt

Enjoy! A few tips: save out ½ cup for your next batch of yogurt. After a few batches, you’ll have to buy a “fresh” yogurt starter from the store. If you heat your milk too hot, the yogurt may turn out grainy.

Yummy yogurt with granola and fruit

If you have any questions for me, you can leave them in the comments or email us, I’d be glad to help you if  I can. Even though I’m kind of a yogurt making newbie myself.  Hope you try it, and have a great weekend. Thanks always for praying for us, and keep in touch we love to hear from all of you.


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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