Church Planting among the Nahuatl

One of the Most Effective Forms of Security in Latin America and a New Member of the Family


Well, in case you didn’t guess it, they’re the same thing: a dog.  For Pete’s birthday (ok, a couple weeks early) we got a puppy.  Dogs really are one of the most effective forms of security in the Latin world.  We’d been planning to get one for a while, so when some fellow missionaries here in Chihuahua had a litter of puppies available, we decided to take them up on it.  Meet our new guard dog, Murphy, the 75% Rottweiler, 25% Great Pyrenees puppy:

Murphy is a little over 6 weeks right now, and weighs about 10 lbs.  His father weighs 110 lbs, so he has some work to do.  We’re looking forward to him becoming a good guard dog and family pet as he grows.  Consider yourself introduced – now you’ll know who he is when he shows up in some of our pictures or future stories.  Here’s a few more pictures:

Liesl & Murphy

Quito and Murphy get to know each other


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

2 thoughts on “One of the Most Effective Forms of Security in Latin America and a New Member of the Family

  1. He’s not very scary. In fact he’s about as scary as Pete and the only thing Pete’s good at scaring up is food. Cute dog!

  2. Your new puppy and kitty are adorable!!! They will be great companions for you and a lot of fun too.
    We are so glad to hear that Pete is doing so well. What a blessing that you both didn’t get sick. Thank the good Lord for giving us Cipro and I.V. fluid replacement. We were praying frequently for you both. Hannah and I just had the 24hr. flu and we thought that that was terrible. I can’t imagine having what Pete had. Are you two going to have a stash of Cipro for future use? It would be a wise thing to do. Just in case. We took some to Saipan to have on hand – never needed it but it was nice to have just in case. God Bless. We will be praying for you all – Quito and Murphy too.:)

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