Church Planting among the Nahuatl

An Update

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I tried to come up with a clever title, I really did…especially after how long I have made you all wait for another post on the blog. Sorry about that. Things here in Mexico have certainly been busy, but I promise we have gotten some good pictures, as of late, and hopefully this post will be a sufficient update as to what has been occupying our time, and what the Lord is doing in our lives all at the same time.

When I left you all last time, Pete and I were in El Paso, Texas purchasing a truck. Why? In short, we will need a truck for our future ministry here in Mexico, and our current vehicle had taken us to the bank several times in the last year to the tune of about $5,000.00. The Lord truly provided as we were able to find exactly what we were looking for on Craigslist, and trade our current vehicle for part of the purchase price of the new truck!

Our new tribal vehicle

Since purchasing it, the Lord has given back to us about 1/3 of the purchase price in gifts from family, friends, and supporters!! We have been blown away by God’s goodness, and your generosity. All of these gifts will help us in purchasing a topper for the truck, and to again build up our savings for future life and ministry needs once we move into a tribal work. We appreciate and love all of you!

Pete and I arrived back in Chihuahua on September 8th, after spending almost 2 weeks in El Paso, and jumped right back into life and Spanish language and culture learning.

The gated walkway to our house

Recently, I have been working with a new language helper, Ana. She is fun, and a great teacher. She corrects me all the time when I am wrong…which is alot, and is wonderful and reviewing topics and words so that I don’t forget them or how to use them. Ana is challenging me and having one on one lessons with her is helping me use my Spanish more in conversation, where before I would rely on Pete to do alot of the talking. Pete and I were able to spend some time with Ana and her Mom at a special church service that she invited us to, to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day, on the night of September 16th. It was an interesting cultural experience, and a great time with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

A photo of some of La Independencia festivities at the church (sorry of the blurry photo...we forgot our camera so this is a photo from the newspaper here in Chihuahua)

Pete and I are still meeting together with another language helper, Sergio. We enjoy our friendship with him and spend time outside of lessons playing games, or eating together. We are hoping to help out in a small cafe located below his church. Sergio takes care of the cafe, and trains new volunteers and makes the schedule.  Helping out in this environment should be a good opportunity to serve and to meet other Mexican friends in our city.

Our friend and language helper, Sergio

The Cafe where we will be volunteering once a week to help make drinks and have opportunities to meet and talk with new people

We are also beginning to build stronger relationships with the families at our church, Iglesia Berea. This past Sunday we were able to spend some time after church eating together in celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day which was September 16th. Everyone came to church dressed in historical Mexican costumes or dress, and it was fun to talk with everyone about the history and enjoy some fabulous Mexican food.

Pete with two friends Cesar & Heber

A Pastor (in the middle) and two other members of our church

Some of the lovely women of the church

The two of us...can we pull off the Mexican look?

I made Pollo Poblano to take to the dinner, which is a chicken dish with a poblano pepper cream sauce. It’s very rich, delicious, and slightly fattening…so not an every week meal in our house, but I didn’t bring home any leftovers so it seems our friends loved it.

Roasting the poblano peppers for my Pollo Poblano dish


Everything in the blender ready to whirl

Pouring the poblano sauce over the roasted chicken in the crockpot

Many of you know we have a little kitten, Quito,…well he’s not so little anymore…but we purchased him from a local shelter here in Chihuahua.


Through taking Quito back to the shelter for shots and different things we have begun to form a relationship with Marilyn, the founder of the shelter. Just this last week we attended a fundraising dinner “Noche Mexicana” for the shelter that she personally invited us too. It was a really fun night! There was alot of entertainment including a fabulous soprano singer, choral, and a few slide shows. We also enjoyed a mexican meal, and it was fun to sit back and observe a night of culture.

Noche Mexicana singers

Sipping Agua de Jamaica

More music

Crazy picture of us

Lately, because of the hurricane, we have been experiencing some crazy weather here in Chihuahua. There has been alot of dark cloud cover and sudden down pours. Last night it rained almost all night, which is rare for this time of year.

Cloud cover over the street in front of our house

Rain clouds over the moutains

However, there are little glimpses of fall. We have been told the trees only turn brown and goldish, no bright colors like in Wisconsin, but we’ll take what we can get.

A fall leaf!

This weekend we are planning a trip to a small town west of Chihuahua for La Fiesta de la Manzana. (The Festival of the Apple) We have been told that it is a ton of fun…and frankly, we both miss the fall in Wisconsin a little bit.  The apples, cider, cooler weather, the fall colors, and bonfires. So hopefully, this Saturday we will be experiencing a little bit of what the fall is like in our new Mexican culture, and we are both excited about that. We are taking two missionary friends with us, Crystal and Amy, and a Mexican friend Jona. I look forward to sharing about the festival in my next post.

Well, I think that’s an update in a nut shell of what has been going on with us. Pete recently sent out a prayer email with some recent requests, if you don’t receive that and would like to just let us know.

We do want to thank you all for praying, and for your tremendous support of what the Lord has us doing right now in Mexico. We could not be here without all of you. You are an amazing team, and we thank God everyday for each and everyone of you. He blesses us through you all the time. We hope you enjoyed the update, and there will be more to come…sooner rather than later. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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  1. Great update, Liesl! Love the pictures!! 🙂

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