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Estamos en El Paso

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Since last Sunday we have been in El Paso, almost a week…sigh. From the looks of things we will be here for at least six more days, and as one of the missionaries says, “El Paso isn’t the U.S.A., but it’s close…” so as you may have guessed we are excited to get back home, to Chihuahua. Many of you know already why we are here, but for those of you that don’t…our main reason for the trip was to make the purchase of our tribal vehicle.

No, we are not going to our tribal work quite yet, we only have 6 months of Spanish under our belts, but we were a bit forced into finding a vehicle as we have had some problems with our old Santa Fe this past year and didn’t feel like we were being good stewards of the finances the Lord had provided us if we kept pouring money into it to fix all the little things that kept happening. So…with a little help from Craigslist, and with the advice of other missionaries on the field here we were able to use some of our savings and trade the Santa Fe for a 2007 Ford F-150 Crew Cab truck!

Below are some pictures of the truck, you can see how big it is with me sitting on the back.

There she is....well Pete probably thinks it's a "he", but aren't all trucks girls? 🙂

Another view

Liesl posing with the truck

So why are we still in El Paso if we have already purchased the truck…well, in order to cross into Mexico, we have to have the title in our name, so we are currently waiting for the title and plates to be processed and mailed back to us.  So, we are playing the waiting game here in El Paso over Labor Day weekend until all of the necessary measures are taken care of.

While we are waiting here in El Paso we are trying to be as productive with our time as we can, but also doing a little exploring as well. The other morning we set off for a hike in the nearby Franklin Mountains State Park. The trail was an easy switch back trail, but filled with lots of great views and we also saw our fair share of lizards! Yuck…not my favorite things.

The trailhead

Heading out on the trail

A cactus along the trail. Right now we are in season for the cactus fruits which are called "tunas." I'm not a huge fan, but Pete likes them alot.

Beautiful desert scenery

Couldn't complete the post with out a lizard picture

Water break

More wildlife

We are also spending our free time working on self-Spanish study, and will probably do a couple of language sessions via Skype with one of our language helpers. The time here has allowed us to get a good security system in place in the truck, which was one of our big needs in taking it down to Mexico, and also we were able to get all of our insurance and such details worked out.

Even though it wouldn’t be our first choice to wait for 10 days in El Paso, TX we are truly seeing God’s hand in this timing and even in our purchase of the truck. The couple selling the truck are believers and we were able to have some good conversations with them about missions and just life in general. They are both Wheaton College graduates and just got married about 4 months ago. They are at a transition point in their lives and are only in El Paso for about a few more months, don’t have many friends, and just seemed like they may have needed encouragement…hopefully God used us in their lives.

Also, we had a hard time getting money from our bank for the truck and they were incredibly patient with the longer time line for getting the money as we had to apply for a certified check to be sent to El Paso.  They even agreed to accept a bank check rather than the cash we originally promised them. Also, they found out we would be waiting in El Paso for awhile to get the paperwork back on the truck and invited us to maybe play some volleyball with them next week when they get back from their weekend trip visiting his family in Minnesota. We have just seen God’s hand in so much of this, and even though none of it is how we would have planned or in the timing that we thought would be right, it has been encouraging to us none the less.

So, with all that being said, thank you all for your prayers for us. They have been and are being answered. We are encouraged in Him, and this time in El Paso has served as a refreshing time to spend time together, and re-focus our goals for language learning and ministry, now and for the future.

Also, thank you so very much, those of you that have given to help us financially with the purchase of the truck. Every dollar has helped. We were able to purchase the best security system for the truck, and hopefully Lord-willing we will be able to order a topper for the back so we can more safely haul goods and things. We are blessed beyond measure to have supporters, and friends like all of you, and cannot express our gratitude enough for all of you.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed and given on behalf of this need

“Now all glory to God who is able through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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