Church Planting among the Nahuatl


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I always thought that term was kind of strange, since we aren’t technically sitting on a house…but we have been house-sitting for another missionary family this week. We have enjoyed the extra space, the yard with real grass (that is a novelty here), the garden they have in the backyard, the apricot tree, and just experiencing a different neighborhood in Chihuahua.

Liesl & Cesar picking zucchini

Harvesting the apricots

Working with Cesar to make agua de jamaica

This week included more language sessions, spending time with Mexican friends, shopping, visiting two museums downtown, and trying out a new restaurant.

One of the museums we visited

View of the city from the backyard of our house-sit

We also have spent a little more time sprucing up the blog, adding text to our “Vision” page and updating some of the other pages. We also hope to add a “Pete’s Thoughts” page, some of you may remember the Pete’s thoughts articles that we used to include with each month’s newsletter. Well, we removed them a few months back, because we wanted to make the letter more concise, but we’ve decided to resurrect “Pete Thoughts” as a blog page. Hopefully you will check back soon to enjoy that.

Each week we stay encouraged with what the Lord has done in us, and what we know He has planned for our lives here in Mexico. The joy of gaining more language excites us because we know we are closer to being able to communicate spiritual truth to those around us who we are starting to build relationships with. Liesl has begun some really great friendships at our gym where we work out, and Pete as well. Our relationships at church begin to grow, and we are continually greeting and learning more about the lives of neighbors and those in our circle of life here in Chihuahua.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Some days it is hard to press on because we are tired, but we know what lies ahead. Soon we will be working with a tribal group that has not had the chance to hear the gospel and that is why we are here. To learn how to learn someone else’s heart language, and to be able to communicate the truth of the gospel in that heart language so that one day we all may worship around the throne of God together. That’s why we are here, and thank you for upholding us with encouragement you are a vital part of all that God is going to do.

We will leave you with Chihuahua at night


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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