Church Planting among the Nahuatl

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

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Which in Spanish means “Happy Birthday!”

Yesterday was Liesl’s 28th birthday, so this past weekend, we did our fair share of celebrating…Mexican style! Below are some of the highlights, hope you have fun looking at all of the pictures and reading about Mexican birthdays.

Pete says my birthday lasted for 4 days…okay, I guess he’s right. On Friday night Pete took me out for a birthday dinner at Olea, a seafood restaurant here in Chihuahua. We shared a few different things including marlin quesadillas, shrimp, and calamari. Also, when we were seated, our hostess gave Pete a menu written in English, and me one in Spanish. (thought that was kind of funny)

Our Mexican names!

After dinner we headed to Starbucks for a couple birthday lattes…a treat down here since we try and save our fun money for culture outings with our language helper and host family. My vanilla latte tasted so yummy! I love the Mexican names on our cups. In Spanish the “z” is pronounced as an “s” sound so my cup reads, “Lisa.”

On Saturday night Marta & Higinio, our host “parents,” hosted a birthday party for me. Some close family and friends were invited, and we celebrated with taco salad, agua de Jamaica, a pumpkin cake (pastel de Calabaza) with chocolate frosting, and a piñata!!

After everyone enjoyed a meal together we all went outside to the front of the house where Heber and Pablo were ready with the piñata. They had the cute Hello Kitty pinata strung on a rope that stretched from the roof of the house to the top of the gate in front. I was blindfolded, spun around 10 times, and then let loose on the piñata! 🙂 Everyone watched and cheered as I swung at the cute little piñata’s face. It was much harder than it looked, and everyone was yelling, “Arriba, Atras, Enfrente!” Which means, “Up, behind, in front!” It was crazy, and honestly a pretty good workout.

Getting ready for the piñata action

Posing with Hello Kitty

Putting on the blindfold

Lili spun me around 10 times, anymore and I might have fallen over

This was much harder than it looks

Yep, definitely missed on this one

This seriously was one tough piñata

I was finally able to pin it down to have better leverage

Do I look like a Samari warrior in this one?

All the kids collecting the candy (dulces.)

If you liked the piñata pictures, Pete also took several videos, which are pretty hilarious. He is posting them on his facebook so feel free to check them out!

After all the piñata fun we headed indoors for cake, ice cream, and singing. Usually the tradition goes, after the birthday song is sung to the birthday guy/gal the “mordida” occurs. This is where the birthday person’s head is pushed directly into the cake! Fortunately my cake was in a 13×9 glass pan and they were afraid I might knock a couple teeth out during the mordida, so they obstained from the tradition.

Lili made the cake it was so yummy! Everyone sang Happy Birthday in Spanish, actually they have a few different songs they sing at birthdays. Once cake was served everyone sat around and sang together. After the singing everyone stayed and talked, so we got alot of exposure to many different Spanish conversations going on at once. By 11pm we were so tired we head home. It was a great party, and as you can see we are very blessed with a great family and friends down here to help adjust to our new life.

Lili made me a delicious calabaza cake

Blowing out the candles!

The Mexico Field Chairman and his wife. They serenaded us with some Johnny Cash and Abba! Who would have thought...

Heber played some songs in Spanish and the family sang along. This seems to be tradition at some of the birthday gatherings.

On my actual birthday day, Pete and I packed a lunch and headed to the Deportiva north for a picnic. It was very relaxing, we even napped on the grass. Afterwards, we planned our language sessions for the week and did grocery shopping for the next two weeks. On the way home Pete surprised me with a stop at one of our favorite local tamale and burrito places, Paquime. We grabbed burritos and tamales to go for dinner and headed home. I also got to talk with my Mom, Dad, and brother Jay once we got home! It was a wonderful 4 day birthday, and I hope you enjoyed the post.

Check back soon, I am planning on posting a new recipe near the end of this week!


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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