Church Planting among the Nahuatl


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Finally I am able to upload pictures again! So, as promised here is a visual glimpse into our lives here in Mexico!
The last 3 weeks Pete and our friend Pablo have been working hard long hours building a closet for our bedroom. They used the carpenters shop at the NTM Mission Office, and as of tonight we finally have it installed and in our room. We love it, they did such a great job.

Pete working hard on building our bedroom closet

Cabinets for the top of the closet

The finished product

 Not only have we been working on things for the house, but we’ve spent many hours language learning as well. We are in the beginning stages of Spanish which is where we learn and drill lots of vocabulary,  begin to conjugate verbs in simple tenses, and experience cultural and language learning events and situations with Mexican friends and language helpers. One of the things we do to learn vocabulary is called Total Physical Response (TPR). This is where we will display and number of items and point to them one my one reviewing ones we have already learned, having our language helper say the name for the items in Spanish. Once we are comfortable with all the items we will reverse roles, our helper will say a Spanish word and we will point to the correct item. We also take pictures of all the sets of words that we learn and record our helpers voice, so we can practice on the computer in our free time.

Liesl taking through some kitchen verbs with Cesar

Our set up of some items in the cocina

Cleaning and random living room items

Teaching Cesar how to make muffins

 Other things we look to do with our helper include Culture Events, like the one we went to this last Friday, the Festival del Taco. Which literally means Festival of Tacos. This is exactly what it was, we were not dissappointed. There were probably 20-25 different taco stands, all featuring their specialties. Between the 3 of us we were able to try many different tacos including Camarones (shrimp), Marlin, seafood combo, Barbacoa (head meat), El Pastor (slow grilled pork) and Carne Asada (steak). Everything we had was delicious, but I think our favorites were the Camarones and Marlin. At the Festival we also experience live Mexican music, and and our first hail storm!

Festival del Taco

Tacos El Pastor

Tacos con Camarones, Marlin, and other seafood...our favorite!

Pete enjoying some Carne Asada

It was very fun!

Tacos from Jalisco

Dancing with the pescado

Mexican band

Here’s just a few more photos of things we have been doing. Hope you enjoyed them all! Hope to update again soon! 

Running and walking in the sun at the Deportiva

Flowers in bloom

Look at that contrast. It really is beautiful here.

Tamales rojo & verde

Chile relleno (Dad this one's for you)

Homemade mole!

The mural of Mexican history in El Centro

The Cathedral in El Centro

Visiting our host family's ranch in San Andres'

El Palomar

Bye for now


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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  1. Cool, Liesl! 🙂 I’ve NEVER made beets for my kids before…I should try it! 🙂 I would have to leave out the hot stuff though! 😉 Love catching up on your posts…your closet looks great! Great photos!

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