Church Planting among the Nahuatl

And then Life Got Busy


Since we arrived in Chihuahua I have been doing so well with posting about our weekly events, new relationships with national Mexicans, adventures in language learning, ministry opportunities….and then life got busy. Doesn’t it always? Because of how full our days have been with language learning opportunities and the responsibilities of setting up our home and getting settled in a new city and culture I have challenged myself to get up earlier to enjoy some time for just myself in the mornings. Time to think, read, and pray about what the day holds, and to commune with the Lord…just me and Him.

I’m loving these times!  What the Lord shows me in His Word completely sets the tone for my day; how I interact with people, my attitudes, how I choose to approach language and culture learning and even how I choose to nuture my relationship with Pete.  Every time I have needed encouragement the Lord has given that, when I’ve needed a swift kick in the pants to remind me why I’m here, He’s given that, and the reminders of His faithfulness, strength, and love in my life are evident when I read truth about His character shown since the beginning of time.

So, I’ve been reading the last two weeks in Corinthians and this morning I read in Chapter 9 how Paul with the Lord’s strength gave up his personal rights so that he could be most effective in ministry. He tried to find common ground with everyone he came in contact with so that he might by God’s grace save some. (1 Cor. 9:22-23) This was a true reminder of what Pete and I are here in Chihuahua to do. We are not here for our own agenda, to see how many different Mexican foods we can try, or to settle into our own little life routine…but rather we are here for God’s glory. We are here to find common ground with our neighbors, our host family, to learn their traditions and take part in their daily routines. God brought us here so that we might learn flexibility to immerse ourselves in the Mexican culture, so that by His grace we may minister to bring the sweet aroma of Christ into their lives. This was such a great reminder to me as it is easy, even here where are surrounded by a different lifestyle to retract ourselves from the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable. It’s easy to want to have your own time, to do your own things, and forget about the reason that God brought us here, not only to learn Spanish, and to prepare to minister in a tribe, but to learn what it means to become all things to all men, so that God may use us to save some.

That’s what God has been teaching me this week. We thank you for all of your prayers regarding our ministry and language learning here, but also for your encouragement and faithfulness in praying for my (Liesl’s) Grandparents. It has been a rough time for the whole family, but we are all resting in God’s perfect timing and grace in the situation.

The last couple of weeks have also been filled with all sorts of culture events and language learning opportunities as well, and I was planning on including a bunch of pictures for you all to enjoy…but wordpress is being quite difficult and won’t let me load any of them. Boo..:( another lesson in being flexible. So, I guess you will have to wait, I promise to post them as soon as I can.

Happy Easter to everyone!


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

2 thoughts on “And then Life Got Busy

  1. Hi Liesl & Peter! I just wanted to contact you both because I am watching CNN right now covering the earthquake in Mexico and remembered you’re there and hope you’re ok.


  2. Nice post…:) Sounds like even though the difficulties the Lord is teaching you and guiding you. Glad to read an update and may you and Pete and all you are doing be blessed!

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