Church Planting among the Nahuatl

Part 2: A Muskie Christmas

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After spending about 5 days in Waukesha celebrating the holidays with friends and family there Pete and I headed back to Baraboo for the Muscanero family Christmas celebration.

This Christmas, as I sat back and watched the kids playing, everyone talking, Grandpa & Grandma (my parents) interacting with the grandkids, I realized how much my family has changed and grown. What happened to the days of a quiet adult Christmas where we could have fondue dinners without worrying about someone starting a fire, when we took turns unwrapping gifts and actually saw and admired what each person received, when the coffee table was for putting our drinks and snacks on rather than a kids table with kid proof objects to play with literally covering it. What happened to 5 stocking hanging on our mantel…where now there hangs 11 stockings, and the family photo that used to take 2 minutes and now takes 20 because someone is crying, or not smiling back at the camera. What has happened…we’ve grown up, we’ve met people that we love so much they’ve become a part of our family, and am I used to it…not exactly, do I like it…yes, in fact I LOVE it!

As I reflect on this Christmas I thank God for what He’s done in our family. I thank Him for Maddie, Mason, and Paxton, and for Pete, Lindsey, and Tessa all making our family what it is today. I love you Pete, and Tessa & Lindsey my sisters, and have had so much fun this holiday season spending time with all of you. As we get ready to leave for Mexico we have many memories to take with us, and each time we are able to see you all will be just that much sweeter.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy of Muskie Christmas Day!

Any good party begins with some good snacks

My personal favorite, shrimp cocktail!

The guys hanging out by the food

Mason with the nerf air gun...something Grandma bought to create more chaos on Christmas

Grandma with Paxton reading a Christmas story


All dudded up for Christmas pictures

Cuddling with Grandma

 After some play time a good friend from church came over and took some professional quality family pictures for us. Becky, thank you so much. It will be nice to have a complete family photo to display in our home in Mexico to show all of our new friends what our families look like. Once we were done with the photo Madeline was begging to open presents…a girl after my own heart. 😉 So we did!! Thanks everyone for all the nice and useful things, we are so blessed.

Opening presents

Tessa helping Mason open his gifts

Jay & Paxton

Bad to the bone

Paxton and his toy chainsaw from Aunt Liesl & Uncle Pete

Enjoying family

Cousins playing together

My brother Jay and beautiful sister in law, Lindsey

 Following the gift opening we were treated to a complete Italian meal by your’s truly Momma Muskie. Red sauce, pasta, meatballs, sausage, and pork roast+ salad. YUM! It was so good…and I was stuffed.

Delicious Italian meal

Being silly at the table

There was a group effort to polish off the dishes and once those were complete we played a few games and enjoyed Christmas cookies and coffee together.

We have had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and family memories we will not soon forget. Thank you all also for the cards and emails you have sent our way during the holiday season. Your prayers and love mean so much to us. Hope you have all had a Merry Christmas as well, and enjoy the rest of your week heading into the New Year.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans? We have a quiet party planned at the Muskie ranch with my brother and sis in law, some friends, and Mum and Dad…should be fun!


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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