Church Planting among the Nahuatl

Part 1: Hypki Christmas 2009

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Christmas definitely had mixed emotions for us this year. It is such a joyful celebration of God’s most awesome gift of Christ, His Son, and a time to spend quality moments making memories with those we love the most…our families. But yet it was also a sobering reminder to us of how things will be quite different for us come Christmas 2010 and beyond.

It is sad to go and leave those we love behind, and to think about not being around while our niece and nephews grow up, and our families change and move on in their lives. Yet, above the sadness is a joy unspeakable that we both feel in our hearts, and excitement for the new adventures ahead and the new people we will welcome into our lives as family. We cannot wait to move across the border into Mexico because we know we are being obedient to the call of the Most High God on our lives. To us it is not a sacrifice, rather an honor to be used of Him for His glory.

Those are just a few thoughts I had this morning as I reflected over our Christmas holidays. Now…on to some fun stuff…pictures!!              Christmas was great this year! We spent December 21-25 down in Waukesha with Pete’s family, and many of our friends and prayer supporters. Christmas evening was then spent driving back to Baraboo for the Muscanero family Christmas celebration on Dec. 26th.

Every good Christmas Eve morning starts with a steaming cup of coffee!

And brunch at Kathy's...YUM!

Complete with the traditional sausage, potato pancake thingys

A little goofing off

Playing with Reggie

And exchange gifts! Thank you Kathy!!

After brunch and gifts we played a rousing game of Catopoly…yes, a cat version of Monopoly. There may or may not have been some team effort, but Kathy finally squeaked out the win. 😉 Then it was outside for a 4 mile run before getting ready for Christmas Eve Services.

We attended Christmas Eve service at Crosswalk Church and enjoyed seeing many familiar faces of those who are praying for us and supporting us. It was a blessing to join in worship and remember the true reason for the holiday, the birth of our Saviour.

Hypki fam on Christmas Eve

Our Pastor's family at Crosswalk Church. The Skaja's are such great people we love you guys!

After church we came home to the Hypki abode and began our dinner preparations with some appetizers…always great to cook and eat at the same time.

Alissa enjoying the snackies

My duty...always the salad

Momma Hypki prepares the pizza

The beautiful Hypki family tree

Christmas morning brought more family fun, Pete’s tradition of jumping on his sister Alissa to wake her up continues…and we all move downstairs for some hot coffee, breakfasty treats, and gift giving.

Being cheesy with our stockings

The breakfast spread

Opening gifts

We were very blessed this year and received so many nice and useful items for our time in Mexico. Knowing we can only bring what will fit in our vehicle meant there were alot of specific items we asked for. One of those being peanut butter and almond butter….they are not readily available in Mexico, and we love them! So…yes, there will probably be a box of just nut butter in our car on the way down. 😉

In all it's glory...YUM!

One of our gifts to Pete’s Mom was a memory album of pictures throughout our marriage and dating relationship. She may have cried when she opened it. 🙂

We also received alot of hiking equipment from a great prayer partner at Whitestone Church, what a blessing!

Annual sibling pic in front of the tree

After playing with our gifts and teasing loving each other, goofing off, folding laundry…yes on Christmas (what a shame), we enjoyed a delicious Christmas brunch made by yours truly Momma Hypki.

Gingerbread scones

Not sure what you call this dish...but I call it Veggie & Egg deliciousness

Gingered fruit

What a lovely Christmas!! We had such a great time with the Hypki family, and enjoyed some relaxation in the process. I just love Christmas, and the family memories! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too, and please come back and check for Christmas update Part 2 the Muscanero festivities.

God bless, and have a wonderful week!!

Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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