Church Planting among the Nahuatl

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First of all, I have not blogged in forever over two weeks! I cannot believe it, and frankly I’m a little disappointed in myself. I have been busy, but the Lord has really been teaching me so much through His Word and life that I do not know how I have not had time to share  it with you all. Not to mention just what Pete and I have been doing just these last few weeks.

Where to begin…well Sunday, April 19th we were able to host a Mexico Night get-together for some friends from Lake Family Church. (the church we attend here in Missouri) Pete presented a short power point presentation sharing about our lives, God leading us into missions, and about the tribal works in Mexico. We also talked about what we prayerfully believe to be God’s vision for the tribal people of Mexico. Question and answer time was last on the agenda for the evening, the coffee was hot, and homemade pico de galo and Tres Leches (3 milks)  cake were on the menu.  Overall it was a great time of fellowship and encouragement.

We have been keeping busy with life…Pete with his Linguistics homework and classes, and me with keeping the home, church obligations, letter writing, cooking experiments, laundry, preparing for our move back to WI, and planning out our calendar for the summer. Also, we celebrate my (Liesl) birthday this past weekend. I received some birthday money in the mail and was able to purchase a much needed new pair of running shoes!! God always provides! God is our rock and we are encouraged as He leads us day in and day out. Thank you for your prayers for us, they truly help us remember to keep our focus on Him.

So…what I’ve been learning. I don’t know where to start. God has been so good, so faithful in showing me that He loves me through what He teaches me and allows me to experience.

I think I mentioned a few posts back that I was doing a once a week study on prayer. Usually I spend time on Thursday mornings reading through some verses and a chapter in my study book, and going before the Lord to allow His Spirit to teach me throughout the week, in practical ways what  I have studied that morning. Well…it’s only Friday and wowzers, He’s already taking me through the ringer! But I love it!

My prayer study this week was about God’s silence when we pray. Reading through the Psalms we see David crying out to God, and often God is silent. Even in Job, as he was going through extreme trials in his life he was turning to God and asking why and for awhile there was no clear answer from God. I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I sure can. What I have realized in my life is that often I go to prayer with expectations, hoping God is going to answer in a way that I think would be according to His will. Wow, how could I think that I would even begin to fathom what His will might be for a certain situation, He is God after all.

However, a cool thing that I am learning is that, God wants us to know His will. He wants to be actively involved in our lives and wants us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that our desires begin to fall in line with His will. As you read on in the book of Job he never ceases to call out to God, but as the chapters progress you see Job’s understanding of God, and his relationship with God grow deeper. It seems like Job is really beginning to know God-His character and His power even in the midst of intense hardship. His relationship with the Almighty becomes reality, and he gains a new humility and respect for God and His timing and purpose in Job’s life.

What has this meant for me? It has reminded me that even in times of silence the Lord is faithful. He never changes, and His relationship with and view of us never changes. He continues to see me as His precious child, even though He may want to use His silence to teach me something greater about Himself.

Lately I have been concentrating a little more on my prayer life. Mostly because prayer intrigues me and God says in His Word that He wants our prayers and desires us to come to Him. My prayers as of late have been of thanksgiving for what God has done for Pete and I, or of petition to God for family, friends, Pete, and our financial support situation. I pray for Mexico as a country and all that is going on there right now with health concerns and the violence, for the tribal people that we will one day  minister to and share truth with, for our future partners we will be working with one day in the tribe. Sometimes days go by where I’m curious if God heard me…our financial situation stays the same, the death toll rises in Mexico due to the Swine Flu, and Pete gets more burnt out over homework. The truth is, am I looking for the “more” that God may want to teach me through this? Am I trusting Him wholly?

Those are some things to start thinking about…and I know this post is long, but thanks for reading. God is glorious, and faithful, and worthy of praise. I have more to share on the concept of trusting God, and what it means to me, and how I know and experience that I am fully trusting Him, but I’m saving those thoughts for another post, hopefully this weekend.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Oswald Chambers about God’s silence in prayer: “It will be a wonderful moment when we stand before God and find that the prayers we clamored for way back and imagined were never answered, have been answered in the most amazing way, and that God’s silence has been the sign of the answer.”

Have a fabulous weekend, we love you all, and cannot wait to see many of you very soon!!


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

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  1. I love that quote! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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