Church Planting among the Nahuatl

From Iconium to Lystra & Derbe and finally to Antioch

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So this morning Pete asked me what I had read about in my time with Jesus. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I just read… and I’m enjoying what I’m reading at the time, but often my mind is so bogged down with the happenings of the day ahead or the day before, that I’m not really comprehending what I am reading. I am not consciously asking the Lord to speak to me. So…I gave Pete this overview, you know the one that makes you sound like you really know what you are talking about when in all honesty you are probably guessing at most of it.

Now it’s 2:00 in the afternoon there are things that I need to and want to get done, but first I need to sit down and read Acts 14 again… Paul and Barnabas are traveling and preaching the gospel to all who will listen to them. Many peopel are being saved showing the amazing power of God, yet also, many are being divided in their opinions of God as they are lead astray by the opinions of man.

Paul and Barnabas preach the good news in one place until they are threatened with stoning, and then they flee to the next area, showing the mighty protection of God. In Lystra an incredible miracle happens, a cripple who’s faith is seen by Paul, is healed and can now walk. The crowd is in such awe that they want to worship Paul and Barnabas as gods themselves. And in verse 15 Paul tells them, “friends, why are you doing this?” We have come to teach you about the good news that you no longer need false gods in your life, you should turn from this useless stuff, and turn to the one and only living God who created you and all things in this world. Then he proceeds to instruct them in the fact that God has given them a choice of what kind of life they want to live, but has not left them without evidence of Himself or His goodness in their lives. Then Paul and Barnabas travel on, speaking the good news of Christ everywhere they go.

What a powerful chapter! A healing, the gospel shared to many, the endurance of Paul and Barnabas and several characteristics of God and His grace all shown within 28 verses. How could I have missed all of this Well…this brings me to something I have been brooding over for some time now…walking with God…making Him a part of my everyday, everything. Listening to His Spirit in my life as I read His Word, clean up around the house, brush my teeth, open the fridge to make dinner, talk with friends, spend time with Pete, read other materials, email and talk on the phone with friends, pray, go shopping, workout, train to be a missionary, etc…

From what I have experienced I know it is easy for me to compartmentalize my life. I can get into the mindset of putting all my life activities and responsibilities into catagories and sometimes put the little things like cleaning, cooking, working out, into the “little things that I just do that God doesn’t really care that much about” catagory and God doesn’t quite make it in there. But that is not how it should be. God wants to be apart of our everyday, everything. He wants me to be sharing my struggles with Him in prayer, He wants me to talk to Him about how frustrated I am when I’m on a long run, and He wants to know the concerns and joys of my day just as our best friend or spouse wants to know the details of our lives. If He is not in each moment how to we expect to grow in our knowledge of Him? If He is not in each moment how can we expect ourselves to know how to respond in love to all situations? I can guarantee that He is speaking to us, the question remains are we listening?


Author: Liesl Hypki

We are a young couple living in remote Mexico to reach the Nahuatl people for Christ.

One thought on “From Iconium to Lystra & Derbe and finally to Antioch

  1. Thanks, Liesl.

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